3 Countries in 3 Days

Before this trip, I had never been out of the country.  I have been itching to take a trip outside the United States since I was a child.  My husband and I traveled, by ship, to Mexico, Belize and Honduras.  I usually take my DSLR when I go shooting, but I decided to shoot with ONLY film on this trip.  I have a bit of an obsession with shooting film and this trip allowed me to bask in that obsession.  We stopped in Mexico first, Belize the next day and Honduras last (but certainly not least).  I am fascinated by other countries and cultures, and I am always eager to learn more about what makes a country unique and alluring.  I am fascinated by the brilliant street photography work of artist Vivian Maier.  Through my studies of her life and work, I have adopted a great love for the art of street photography.  I took the opportunity to act on my fascination with street photography while on this trip.  I shot many photographs of the people, the architecture and the sights that greatly differ from those in rural Oklahoma, where I grew up.  Now that I finally have a passport, this certainly won’t be my last trip outside the country.  All photos were shot on my Canon 35mm using Kodak Ektar 100 film.  This was my first time using Ektar.  Overall, I loved the outcome of these shots.  Ektar struggled a bit when it came to skin tones, but the beautiful colors present throughout these three countries showed up beautifully with this film stock, especially the reds and blues.